From MAL to MAD.

MAL-Logo-BlackSeveral years ago I thought up MAL Adjusted Media, founding it in 2010 to produce short videos and podcasts. In a humble apartment on South Park Street in Halifax NS, I first submitted the “It’s On, Halifax!” podcast to the iTunes store under the MAL Adjusted Media banner. Friends of mine, Pat King and Emily Jewer, were both equal members of the original crew.

Then, quite slowly, MAL Adjusted began providing some basic website setups, local band promotions, audio/video setups, video editing services, and more. Before I knew it, MAL Adjusted had a healthy amount of traction but really just remained a hobby for me and the rest of the crew. Small jobs, short timelines, and pretty basic stuff.


Pat and Emily have a random sword fight. Why they both had swords in their cars that day is still unknown.

So, years later, now living in Winnipeg MB, I find myself doing all the things on my own and loving it. Mr. King and Ms. Jewer have their own projects on the go back east, and I am quite happy to continue the small-scale services I have been all along to the few dedicated clients I have curated here.

I simply feel that the time has come now to evolve and rebrand into Mark Adam Design and let the past be the past for that lovely era. I look forward to the future and the unknown of it all.

Join me, won’t you?

Mark Adam

Mark Adam Design - Logo - BannerStyle-blk


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